The chronic labor shortage does not allow us to offer thalassotherapy services and restauration that meet the quality standards that Auberge du Parc as always promoted.

This also applies to both interior and outdoor activities on our premises for the 2022 season.

However its rooms location is not affected and tourists are welcome yet in respect of the constraints imposed by the Coronavirus.

Photo bain thermomasseur

Hydro therapy

Sea-water bath heated to 37°C, and enriched with oxygen and algae, this treatment reduces muscular pain, stress and tension, contributing to the gradual reduction of cellulitis, restoring the psychic and physical tonus.

Photo enveloppement

Algea Wrapping

A procedure of being wrapped in algae which assists in eliminating toxic waste from the body and by the same process, revitalizes and promotes the recuperation of energy.

Photo massage

Therapeutic massage

Muscular therapy technic developped by Doctor Ben Benjamin to remove out depth tensions.

Photo massage pierres

Warm Stones Massage

Massage with warm stones applied with therapeutic treatments releases muscular tensions.

Photo douche massage

Massage under the shower

The association of the relaxing massage with water brings a profond relaxation and creates a proper opening to eliminate waste.

Photo drainage

Lymphatic drainage

Using the technology developped by Doctor André Leduc from Belgium, it includes delicate movements with the fingers on the lymphatic system.

Photo réflexologie


Is another alternative therapy. Its objective is to stimulate the somatic reflexs, trough a specific pressure technic of the plantar nerves to vanquish tensions, to alleviate the effects of stress.

Photo électrothérapie


Massage, interferencial current to reduce muscular tension, articular pain and tendinous problems.

Photo pressothérapie


A process to activate blood circulation in the legs, and to exercise weak muscles. Excellent againts heaviness, buffling up and swelling.

Treatments off-packages

Facial cleansing , shock treatment , manicure, pedicure , waxing, scalp care .

BODY CARE (supplement $)
Back care , bust , stretch marks , thinning – tightening , psoriasis, eczema , arthritis.

Please note:
The Inn provides complimentary bathrobes and towels.
Bring with you  some casual clothes , beach sandals and / or slippers and a bathing suit.