The chronic labor shortage does not allow us to offer thalassotherapy services and restauration that meet the quality standards that Auberge du Parc as always promoted.

This also applies to both interior and outdoor activities on our premises for the 2023 season.

However its rooms location is not affected and tourists are welcome yet in respect of the constraints imposed by the Coronavirus.

If you dream of peculiar holidays to restore great shape and energy for many months…THALASSOTHERAPY IN PASPÉBIAC can do it. Each day you receive three consecutive hours of european style

treatments:  sea water baths, on hour of therapeutic massage, algae wrapping and electrotherapy or pressotherapy to extract fatigue in depth and to remineralize the organism.

The Inn caters to only 40 guests at a time. It gives us the advantage to offer a more personalized service to our clientele. All the conditions are met to live in sweetness a week at your rythm.

THALASSOTHERAPY EMBODIES a combination of treatments pertaining to ocean algae, a marine climate and the sea itself. It imparts energy and dynamism to the body inducing an overall functional recuperation.

The sea

With its unique characteristics stemming from its striking architectural design and magnificent grounds, Auberge du Parc Inn now caters to the health-conscious vacationer by combining the virtues of the Baie des Chaleurs and its invigorating climate, supplemented by a vast range of up-to-date facilities and specialized highly qualified staff.

Through a treatment program of exercises, relaxation, leisure activities and sports, offered in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere, our professionally trained staff has as its chief concern the twin goals of greatly improving your condition and making your stay at Auberge du Parc Inn a memorable one.


Water alive and life giving, extremely rich in minerals and trace elements (manganese, copper, cobalt) all of which are needed for the revitalization of the body. To date, it constitutes the only known ¨remedy¨capable of slowing down the aging process and to prolong youthful vigor.


at Baie des Chaleurs is temperate and dry, truly a ¨micro-climate¨, enriched by salt-saturated and iodized air, making it a particularly choice spot for mental relaxation and physical recuperation.


is a combination of treatments which can: recuperate lost energy through the use of sea water and algae which in turn, achieves a sense of deep relaxation; revitalize the body, at the same time, easing pain caused by arthristis and rhumatism; and also, can promote weight loss. However some persons may not want to lose weight, it can be easily maintained. We highly recommend that the Thalassotherapy treatments be experienced during the relaxing atmosphere of a vacation, whereby, you are free to do what you wish, contrary to the routine lives, making it a superb opportunity for mental relaxation and physical recuperation.


essentially Gaspesian trained at the Auberge du Parc Inn by highly qualified teachers, greets you with simplicity and warmth.


¨Eldest offspring of the sea ant the sun¨ (Dr. C. Chassé), equally rich in minerals, vitamins, oxygen and in bio-active and ionized elements. Reduced to powder form by a special separation process, algae are readily assimilated by osmosis and, as such, are able to nourish and oxygenate the body cells while at the same time stimulating the blood circulation and the metabolism


Apart from the three consecutive hours of treatment, there is no program, no supervision. You are entirely free. You have TIME for you, for you!